Tuesday Night Oz Lotto

Buy Oz Lotto Tickets -> Prize: $20,000,000 -> Next Draw: 989, Tues 29/01/2013

Latest Tuesday Oz Lotto Results

Lottery Date Draw Numbers Supps Tickets
Tuesday Oz Lotto Jan 22nd 988 30, 1, 27, 14, 39, 28, 24 17, 8

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When can I play Tuesday Lotteries?

Tuesday night Lotto is drawn weekly at 8:30pm (AEST) on Tuesday nights, entries close Tuesday 6:30pm (AEST). Results will usually be up here right after the draw, by 9pm (AEST).

Tuesday night Lotto promises a draw of at least $2 million a week. The record winning jackpot for Tuesday Lotto is $106,549,984.76, which was drawn on 30 June 2009. It couldn’t be any easier; pick any 4 of the winning numbers and you’ve got yourself a prize! Each entry consists of 7 numbers, which is 1 more than other Lotto games. More numbers means more prize divisions, and a greater chance of picking up a share of the Tuesday Lotto jackpot!

You can enter Tuesday Lotto from as little as $1.20. Tickets may be purchased as a single week draw or multi-week entry. A multiple-week entry allows one to use identical numbers for up to 10 weeks. This is handy for those who use the same numbers every week, those going on trips, or busy people, as it saves making many trips to the newsagent.

A Standard Tuesday Lotto entry lets you pick 7 numbers, and you can even get the Lotto site to pick them automatically! For more options, System entries give you the option to pick more numbers to boost your chances of winning. For the best chance of a winning payout, there are Syndicates, which pool individual resources to increase the number of entries.

Each Tuesday night, Lotto officials randomly draw 9 numbers –the first 7 are the “winning numbers” and the last 2 are “supplementary numbers”. Depending on how many of your numbers come up, the payout is different. If you get all of the first 7, you’re a First Division winner, sharing in a minimum of $2 million! There are five divisions of winners, with different payouts for each one.

Winning Tuesday Oz Lotto Divisions & Numbers Required

First Division 7 winning numbers
Second Division 6 winning numbers and any supplementary number
Third Division 6 winning numbers
Fourth Division 5 winning numbers and any supplementary number
Fifth Division 5 winning numbers
Sixth Division 4 winning numbers
Seventh Division 3 winning numbers and any supplementary number

Did you know?

Tuesday Oz Lotto was the first national lottery game played in Australia, started on the 26th of February 1994! It is run by Tattersall's and only played on Tuesday nights. The price has never changed, although Ozlotto was once the same as Saturday Lotto, however on the 18th of October 2005, a seventh number was drawn, changine the odds of winning Division 1. Oz Lotto is called Oz 7 Lotto in Queensland and Super 7's Oz Lotto in regions administered by Tattersall's!

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