Monday Night Lotto

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Lottery Date Draw Numbers Supps Tickets
Monday Lotto Jan 21st 3210 16, 33, 42, 15, 13, 22 29, 27

Past Monday Lotto Results

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When can I play Monday Lotteries?

Monday night Lotto is drawn weekly at 8:30pm (AEST) on Monday nights, entries close Monday 6:30pm (AEST). Results will usually be up here right after the draw, by 9pm (AEST).

Get the week off to a good start by joining in Monday Lotto! For your chance to take home at least $1 million, just pick your numbers and wait for them to be drawn. You choose 6 numbers, and 4 of them need to show up for you to get a prize - if you get all 6, the Lotto jackpot is yours!

You can enter the Monday night Lottery from just $0.55. Tickets may be purchased as a single week draw or multi-week entry. A multiple-week entry allows one to use identical numbers for up to 10 weeks in advance. This is great for people who use the same numbers every week, or people with busy lives, as it saves making trips to the newsagent.

A Standard Monday Lotto entry lets you pick 6 numbers, and you can even get the Lotto site to pick them randomly! For more options, Systems or Super Combo entries give you the choice to pick more numbers to boost your chances of winning. For the best chance of a payout, there are Syndicates, which pool individual resources to increase the number of entries. You can even enter with a Monday and Wednesday Lotto combo, which lets you use the same numbers for both Lotto games in a week; the more games you enter, the more chances to win!

Each Monday night, 8 numbers are drawn randomly – the first 6 are the “winning numbers” and the last 2 are “supplementary numbers”. Your prize amount is different depending on how many of your numbers are drawn. If you get all of the first 6, you’re a First Division winner, sharing in a jackpot of least $1 million! There are five divisions of winners in total, with different payouts for each one.

Winning Monday Lottery Divisions & Numbers Required

First Division 6 winning numbers
Second Division 5 winning numbers and any supplementary number
Third Division 5 winning numbers
Fourth Division 4 winning numbers
Fifth Division 3 winning numbers and any supplementary number

Did you know?

Monday Lotto originally started in New South Wales, was originally named 'The Big One' due to it's large 1 character in it's logo (still current in NSW) and was first drawn on the 5th of November 1979! Expanding interstate on the 1st of May 2006, South Australia (X Lotto) and Western Australia started selling tickets effectively replacing the SA Lotto system.

Monday Night Lotto Game Entries